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Series 3- The delectable Baba Ghanouj

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Baba Ghanouj (or mutabel), is an East Mediterranean (originally Lebanese) savoury dip dish, made from grilled or roasted Aubergines. ‘Baba Ghanouj’ literal translation means ‘pampered dad’.

It is part of the traditional Lebanese menu, full of essential ingredients and excellent health benefits, including being a low calories and low calcium dish. One of the causes of insomnia is high blood pressure and consuming baba ganoush on a regular (if not daily) basis will help regulate blood pressure and thus help keep insomnia at bay.

The main ingredients are:

· Aubergines: although it is considered as a vegetable, it is technically a fruit, as they grow from a flowering plant and contain seeds. They are rich in nutrients (Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin K and C) including naicin, high in antioxidants (protecting against cellular damage, aiding in cancer prevention, and reducing the risk of heart disease ,and helps improve the flow of blood to the brain).

· Like Hommous, the following ingredients are included in it:

· Tahini is made from sesame seeds: a great source of iron and other vitamins proving to help in reducing/protect against acute inflammation

· Lemon Juice – is rich in Vitamin C and an excellent ph balance (for the digestive system)

· Virgin Olive Oil –helps reduce heart problems– which is where many Mediterranean countries have it as part of their daily dietary food.

· Garlic: main ingredient that gives the flavour to baba Ghanouj, and has been proven to improve blood pressure, cholesterol, and potentially lowers the risk of heart disease (and of course is perfect to eat as well with fish, and chicken)

With the aubergines, the dish sometimes is darker, but in many restaurants they make it lighter by adding one cube of ice.

Baba Ghanouj is one of the main items on the menu and is homemade. Why not try it at ‘simplyflo – the art of Lebanese cuisine’, we make it the authentic way.

Please Staysafe.

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