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Series 4 - Maamoul

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Maamoul – The utterly scrumptious melt in your mouth cookie

Maamoul (Mamoul) is originally an East Mediterranean (Levantine) sweet cookie made usually around the festive seasons.

Its origins are believed to date back to ancient Egypt (Pharaonic Era, around 32 century BC) and is known and made today in Egypt as Kaak/Kakh. In fact a recipe was found in the Great Pyramid, Giza.

Mammoul are buttery filled pastry cookies with different fillings from dates, walnuts to pistachios

They are a traditional Lebanese sweet, full of natural ingredients and a few health benefits, however, it is a sweet, so high in carbs, sugar, and butter, so should be eaten in moderation.

The ingredients are:

· Semolina (Arabic name is smeed): is coarse durum wheat (enriched). Its high in protein and fiber, which slows digestion down, and increases feeling of fullness. Its high in vitamin B (thamine and folate), and a good source of iron and magnesium (supporting red blood cell production, heart health and blood sugar control)

· Other ingredients: Milk, Butter, Rose water.

· Spices used are Mahleb: the seed of the cherry, which is grounded and made into a spice.

· Dates: seedless and made into a paste.

· A special wooden mould

Maamoul preparation is a lengthy process as the pastry needs to be prepared 2-3 days before (and continuously kneeded), before the pastry is prepared.

This authentic recipe was taught to me by my mum’s, and we dedicate this in honour of her, as she sadly passed away in her sleep on Wednesday. In all our menus we will rename it as “Maamoul - Tayta Georgette”.

Why not try it at ‘simplyflo – the art of Lebanese cuisine’, we make it the authentic way.

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